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1、Booth Fee

   Exhibitor from China

  13,800 RMB/9㎡

  Space Only:1,380 RMB/㎡

   Overseas Exhibitor

  3000 USD/9㎡

  Space Only:300USD/㎡

Notice 1:The above quotation does not include the installation fee of the special booth and extra electricity.

Notice 2:Each standard booth(3m*3m) provides: Carpet, 3 side walls, a company name fascia board, 1 fluorescent tube, 1 information counter, 2 folding chairs.

Notice 3:Exhibitors should notice that NO facilities would be provided in Space-only, so they could only set up and decorate their space by themselves or by assigning others to handle it.It is available that the areas of space-only are more than 36㎡ .


2、Advertisement On The Journal (Size:210mm*140mm,Cover:140mm*130mm)


Back Cover




20,000 RMB/Piece

15,000 RMB/Piece

15,000 RMB/Piece

8,000 RMB/Piece

5,000 RMB/Piece


3、For Sponsor

Gift Bag



Guide Diagram

20,000 RMB/5,000 Pieces

8,000 RMB/Piece

20,000 RMB/20,000 Pieces

10,000 RMB/10,000 Pieces


4、Conference Sponsored lectures(Intelligent Building&Smart Home New Product Conference 30min)



8000 RMB

5000 RMB


5、Live Commercial Ads




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